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25 yrs. of Web Design

Web Design and SEO

Business websites are unlike ordinary websites.


It’s more difficult to attain search engine rankings in lucrative and competitive environments, so these websites have a different architecture and employ a stronger build.


Business websites are expected to demonstrate knowledge and skill at a higher level to receive top rankings in search engines like Google.


I design websites with a specialized structure making it easier for your content to attract search engines.


Why depend on a web designer for SEO. It’s an advanced skill, so call an experienced consultant with 25 years of experience.

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Make SEO Part of the Design

Web design should be viewed as a marketing task. A big part of SEO is in the build. SEO consultants should be employed at the onset of design.


The SEO advisor would consider how the website should unfold to tell its story to visitors AND Google.


I would use my 25 years of website design experience to integrate the right SEO elements that help search engines target your content.

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Take Care of Your Business and Consult with Experience


    Website Architecture

    When I design and build your website I don’t have to fix it! I built it right the first time. . Everett has designed and developed over 250 websites since 1995.


    Everett provides SEO consult as its primary business. Our most important role is guiding website development and SEO at the onset.


    How competitive is your current website within its industry and what effort is required to dominate the organic rankings and generate leads.


    According to many studies, SEO is the most cost effective marketing strategy with the highest ROI of all online marketing strategies.

    SEO Can Grow Your Business.

    SEO expert Kevin Kestyn will guide your business in acquiring search engine rankings and dominating your market.