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Technical Consultant

Technical SEO is the most important part of SEO. It assures the website is properly designed to take on context. Often times a web developer will leave key SEO elements out the design – and this limits the context. You may not have a problem until you enter a competitive environment like a race track (Bruce Clay’s analogy) and find you are driving the wrong car. Web developers do not build websites with marketing architecture in mind. SEO is a marketing specialty.


Search engine optimization is an advanced expertise, especially technical SEO.


Trusted SEO Professional

Website Structure for SEO

Weak architectures reduce the potential for a web page to rank, especially in competitive environments. This is actually among the most common SEO problems. It’s unfortunate that most business owners and companies never consider SEO or technical expertise at the onset of design. Sometimes it’s worth a million dollars in band aids and work arounds.


Technical expertise at the onset of web design can be priceless.


Website Architecture

We build specialized website architectures designed to hold context to and convey your expertise. Everett has designed and developed over 250 websites since 1995.


Everett provides SEO consult as its primary business. Our most important role is guiding website development and SEO at the onset.


How competitive is your current website within its industry and what effort is required to dominate the organic rankings and generate leads.


According to many studies, SEO is the most cost effective marketing strategy with the highest ROI of all online marketing strategies.

SEO Can Grow Your Business

SEO expert Kevin Kestyn will guide your business in acquiring search engine rankings and client leads.