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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. SEO involves competitive analysis and keyword research that focuses on visitor needs. And how to satisfy those needs. It’s significantly more complex than getting the proper mix of keywords. Google awards top rankings to expert level content that satisfies user intent. I employ techniques to strengthen web page elements such as the writing, the purpose, and various page layout characteristics. The on-going tasks improve your search engine rankings and drive more business your way.

You Need SEO to Compete Online

SEO For New Customers

A website will always benefit from SEO. You need SEO if you want your website to be visible in search engines. If people search online for you or your services you need SEO. Many people are always ready to make a purchase. Perhaps they are searching and comparing for a one time purchase or an ongoing vendor. Maybe they’re in trouble or need something right away. If you’re in a competitive field you need SEO – your successful competitor probably already has it. SEO is the your number 1 most important marketing task. SEO can increase your market share. It’s likely your market is currently divided among the very businesses that hold rank in the top Google search result spots.


Trusted SEO Professional with 25 Years of Experience.

    SEO Return On Investment

    SEO: Your Most Important Task

    SEO is an advanced expertise. If you want good results use the right people. I am among the lowest priced of all SEO professionals who are experienced and provide advanced SEO work. And that work makes money, so SEO should not be considered an expense. Organic SEO holds the highest return on investment of any online marketing strategy.


    Cost doesn’t always indicate competence. Advertising Agencies have layers upon layers of costs. High priced salesmen, high priced management and pricey executive costs. Then they have to make a profit. The lowest paid person is probably the one doing your SEO. Not surprisingly, that Agency person lacks the SEO expertise I offer.

    Invest in SEO

    Why Use Us?

    You should use Everett SEO because of experience. We have always practiced clean white hat SEO. As a result my clients have never suffered but rather ascended Google and other search engines as the cheaters fell.


    The company is comprised of consultant Kevin Kestyn and three experienced web development and writing teams in the US and Canada. When it comes to SEO, experience is the key. I understand how to perform online marketing because I have done it since 1996. In that time I have cleaned up so many SEO issues that I’ve practically seen it all. I’ll help you grow your business and make money.  Let’s work together to build your business.


    Website Architecture

    SEO can be cheap with people who hold no expertise. People have said “I tried SEO but it didn’t work.” Cheap is a waste of money.


    Everett provides SEO consult as its primary business. Our most important role is guiding website development and SEO at the onset.


    How competitive is your current website within its industry and what effort is required to dominate the organic rankings and generate leads.


    According to many studies, SEO is the most cost effective marketing strategy with the highest ROI of all online marketing strategies.

    SEO Can Grow Your Business.

    SEO expert Kevin Kestyn will guide your business in acquiring search engine rankings and dominating your market.