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Assessing Your SEO Position

The most important task is an ASSESSMENT of the market. What’s the market size, what’s your current share and what is your growth potential?

Google knows what the perfect website for any given industry should look like. So the first thing I do is conduct a search and view the top results. I assume the top results are (so far) the perfect websites for these keywords. Why does Google like these websites? The overall assessment task is to scrutinize and understand successful competitor tactics within your market.


Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is our most insightful tactic. I analyze the market using reports. I can see enough of what competitors are doing to uncover their strategy and what works for them. I also analyze the market to assess your reach.  By analyzing competitors I gain significant information on their keywords, their ad spend, on how they target their customers. I use this knowledge to decide what ranking tactics will work best for you. What are your most lucrative keywords? Studying successful competitors demonstrates what they are doing right and helps me understand how to acquire similar results.

Performance Monitoring Tool

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    Lucrative Keywords

    There are many tools to uncover keywords. Uncovering the MOST lucrative keywords that are attainable requires SEO experience. It’s easy to conduct research and see what works for successful competitors. Keyword research on a deeper level may use popular seed phrases to find keyword niches, especially long tail niches.

    A popular keyword ranking technique is to build new page content around lucrative keyword niches. Always assure that keywords, phrases and synonyms are located somewhere within the website content. Google has stated for years if you want your website to be found on specific words or phrases, they should be mentioned somewhere within the web page.


    Targeting Your Audience with Headlines

    Targeting your audience with the right headline is so important that Google uses it for ranking purposes by coupling it with the page title to form the page scope. Headline writing in itself is an art. It becomes a real challenge when trying to use keywords to create action, emotion, ranking focus and hence overall page context. Most headlines are unable to meet all of these conditions. So the focus must always be traditional. Users always want to be sold. Whatever it is, they look for some familiarity when they read a headline. Targeting your audience means standing in their shoes and getting inside their head. Headlines can land you at the top of Google search results as they shape the focus of a web page. The right headline can also close the deal all by itself.


    Website Architecture

    We build specialized website architectures designed to convey your talent and skills. Everett has designed and developed over 250 websites since 1995.


    Everett provides SEO consult as its primary business. Our most important role is guiding website development and SEO at the onset.


    How competitive is your current website within its industry and what effort is required to dominate the organic rankings and generate leads.


    According to many studies, SEO is the most cost effective marketing strategy with the highest ROI of all online marketing strategies.

    SEO Can Grow Your Business.

    SEO expert Kevin Kestyn will guide your business in acquiring search engine rankings and dominating your market.