SEO Goals

Develop High Quality Web Pages

SEO Marketing Goals

Are visitors reading your web pages? Are they engaging with your content? Google can measure reader satisfaction using only two simple metrics; the users ‘click trail’ and ‘time onsite’. The ‘click behavior’ and ‘engagement’ of your audience is contrasted with competitors to demonstrate the popularity of your web pages.


Develop web pages with high quality useful content. High quality pages are the key to improving OVERALL website quality and improving EAT.  Strengthening content is a most important task for SEO success. Write great content that conveys your knowledge and expertise in a way people find useful or interesting.


Expertise Authority and Trust

In time Google develops an overall opinion about your website they call ‘Expertise Authority and Trust’, or EAT. The holy grail of SEO is acquiring EAT. I like to compare EAT to a corporate executive career climb because it’s all about the quality and popularity (and leadership) of your website. Over time the successful executive acquires popularity and stands out with exceptional deeds that produced satisfying or profitable results, and eventually they become the leaders. Your website acquires EAT as it’s content and structure stand out and satisfy users. EAT is where content quality and visitor behavior merge.


Trusted SEO Professional


    SEO Architecture

    A strong SEO architecture is all about the elements, the navigation, the page layout, and how they combine to bring an overall theme to your website.

    Google Guidelines discuss the preferred architecture of a website. Content elements such as Main Content (MC) and Supplementary Content (SC) and proper use of html markup such as headlines and fonts can produce a strong architecture. I have used SC for over 15 years to strengthen web pages and improve rankings.


    Lowest Quality Web Pages

    Poor page designs are everywhere. These designs will lower your rankings. Content is hard to find, navigation sucks and you struggle to see where to click next. The font is difficult to read, busy design and colors are distracting your eyeballs. Common, useless information will not help your business stand out. But the worst thing you can do is have a disingenuous website. Copying competitors information or even their phrasing is the worst thing you can do.  It’s worse than unrelated scribble or no content at all. You have your own knowledge and skill. The best thing to do is to write about your experiences.


    Website Architecture

    We build specialized website architectures designed to hold context to and convey your expertise. Everett has designed and developed over 250 websites since 1995.


    Everett provides SEO consult as its primary business. Our most important role is guiding website development and SEO at the onset.


    How competitive is your current website within its industry and what effort is required to dominate the organic rankings and generate leads.


    According to many studies, SEO is the most cost effective marketing strategy with the highest ROI of all online marketing strategies.

    SEO Can Grow Your Business.

    SEO expert Kevin Kestyn will guide your business in acquiring search engine rankings and dominating your market.