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Why Should Other Hospitals Get All the Business?

No one looks in social media for MEDICAL ANSWERS. They look in Google. Patients are looking in Google right now.


If your website came up at the top of Google alongside WebMD and when LOCALS conduct symptom searches you could gain incredible Internet prominence. Moreover, you’d brand your hospital and refer patients.


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WebMD Style Branding and Patient Referral
You Can Monetize Google

SEO for Hospitals

I use the strength of Google to increase patient referral.


Most people look up symptoms in Google. That’s a fact. My program will target your patient base and build your HOSPITAL brand here.


Google organic search results are a powerful Direct Marketing tool.


My expertise places your health care facility in front of patients when they have a MEDICAL question. I can monetize your LOCAL hospital website with answers.

Healthcare SEO Strategies

My company was founded in 1998 and provides SEO and digital marketing services because everyone uses Google. No one looks in social media for products and services. SEO may be all you need to be successful.


Work with me as your SEO consultant and I’ll be a marketing partner. I will use the strength of Google to make you health care facility more profitable.

Kevin Kestyn, SEO Consultant


Grow your Patient Base with Medical SEO

Get ahead and stay ahead.


SEO has the best ROI of any online marketing when completed by a knowledgeable SEO marketing company. It is the most solid lead.


Voice search is here. I integrate schema mark-up in website code to enable voice search devices like Alexa and Google to read web pages.


I can provide SEO training for your marketing department. Call for info about SEO workshops and interesting SEO presentations.


I help companies who depend on search engine results in competitive search terms. SEO consultation will improve your SEO program.

Everyone Looks in Google
Search Results

Be In Front of YOUR Patients