25 Years of Web Design & SEO Expertise

Kevin Kestyn, Technical SEO Consultant

In 1995 I became the Marketing Director for Channel 1 of Harvard Square and sold my first website that year to TruSoft of Concord MA. I learned all the tools including Front Page, Composer, Photoshop, and Paint Shop Pro. I built web structures, developed graphics, wrote and edited the content. In 1997 I built BostonCondos.com and worked with almost every realtor in Boston. In 1998 I began using database tools creating web directories, but SEO would become my passion.


With a technical degree and a marketing background, I studied search engine ranking signals learning how to build a web page that can dominate rankings.  With 12 years of SEO experience I opened my SEO Agency in 2007. Although Google had been in existence for 10 years, I’d been around longer. Today I’ve performed every phase of SEO marketing.

My Specialty Is Accomplishing The SEO

Experienced Search Engine Optimization Consultant

It makes sense to work with an SEO consultant who knows what to do. It’s smart because the costs are a fraction of hiring and training an employee. With my company you get advanced expertise right out of the box. SEO may not be effective using inexperienced Digital Marketing Agencies.


UPDATE: The world has become even more virtual with the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is online and SEO is now the most important marketing strategy you can employ today. SEO isn’t an expense – it adds value to you business and your bottom line.

Direct Marketing is the Best Advertising

SEO Direct Marketing

Google natural search results are the highest form of direct (and long term) marketing a company can do. Google is the the worlds largest directory. Your position matters and has value.


Google is direct. People search by what a business does or has to offer. Natural organic SEO has become the best referral marketing since the Yellow Pages. Google owns 90% of the search market and nothing comes close to directly targeting ready buyers and new clients. Showing up in Google search may be your most important marketing task. Your new customers are often looking in Google alongside anything else they are doing.

SEO Is Advanced Expertise

Advertising Agencies and SEO

Advertising agencies are not SEO experts. The problem with ad agencies is that SEO is unlike anything they do. SEO is not what they know. SEO expertise is not found there. They are your worst choice.


Advertising Agencies have many layers of costs and everyone  is well paid;  salespeople, managers and executives. If an ad agency does in fact hire an SEO specialist they are probably among the lowest paid.


You cannot find my expertise from an agency or an agency trained person. It comes from hard experience. SEO experts are rare. I’ve performed every development task and fixed every problem over 25 years of  web page development and SEO marketing. In time I’d eventually work on every issue related to web design and SEO.


Grow your Business with Search Engine Optimization

Get ahead and stay ahead.


SEO has the best ROI of any online marketing when completed by a knowledgeable SEO marketing company. It is the most solid lead.


Voice search is here. I integrate schema mark-up in website code to enable voice search devices like Alexa and Google to read web pages.


I can provide SEO training for your marketing department. Call for info about SEO workshops and interesting SEO presentations.


I help companies who depend on search engine results in competitive search terms. SEO consultation will improve your SEO program.


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