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Everett SEO Agency can offer you something few others have; 25 years of Organic SEO marketing experience.


Google rankings should be your best source of new inquiry. Make search engine optimization a more important task and hire a qualified company with 25 years of expertise.


Organic SEO can give your company an online edge and generate more leads, close more deals, and help you thrive in competitive online markets.

The Everett Agency is an experienced and affordable SEO company in Boston.

Technical SEO Audits


SEO provides the highest ROI of any online marketing strategy.


It makes sense to work with an SEO advisor who knows what to do.


Develop an SEO policy similar to companies with in-house SEO teams.


Patients search medical symptoms in Google.


Website design with SEO markets your business.


Hit the ground running with a storefront that you own and manage.

Local Business Map Listing

Google local business listings show up at the top of Google. The search engine introduced 7 business listings in 1997 and floated them to the top of the first page search results. But the list has shrunk to 3 listings today. These listings were specifically designed to assure that popular local businesses had a listing on Google regardless of whether they had a website.  You did not need a website in 1997 and it’s unchanged today. Many local businesses consider these listings the best organic positions in Google. Your business growth could be tied to your rankings in Google’s Local search results.

Using an SEO Consultant

SEO consultants help companies get MORE natural organic leads from Google and other search engines. SEO consultants can help you better position your products and services for more online visibility.


SEO consultants should be used at the onset of design. SEO consultants develop strategy to improve content architecture. SEO Advisors implement website quality factors that  strengthen website authority and trust.


SEO consultants are like General Contractors as they do many things related to guiding and overseeing the structure and layout of website development. SEO will help you rank higher and become more successful.

SEO for Health Care Facilities

What if your website came up at the top of Google alongside WebMD and others when local potential patients conduct symptom searches? That’s a big what if you should be striving for.


Our SEO advisory will brand your hospital and refer more patients. Helping your facility use the strength of Google to attract more patients to your hospital using a powerful Direct Marketing program. This program will monetize your LOCAL hospital website and drive more patients to your health care facility.