SEO Methods and Elements

seo search elements

Characteristics of SEO Elements

Below is an outline of SEO elements and their characteristics. This is not a complete list but in general these are most important.


Use various methods, tools and custom software to research keyword trends that will identify seed and key phrases.


Perform ranking analysis; analyze competitors source code, navigation, landing pages, rankings, links and PR.


Inspect internal website links. Study inbound link structure report of page rank, commonality and reciprocation.


Main content keyword density, location, prominence, tags, addressing and headings. Build Keyword cloud.


Does your website have confusing navigation? We inspect navigation design respective to funnels and goals.

Source Code

Repair all source code issues by creating and editing various meta-data tags and integrating keyword research.

Develop Content

Rewrites and content edits on identified pages to incorporate keyword research into text descriptions.

Landing Page

Perform edits and develop specialized content on landing pages incorporating marketing message.

Contextual Links

Google's favorite links are contextual; text based. Text links are better for Google's algorithm as Google can't read graphics.


Headings hold siginificant hierarchy in terms of actionable context. We build in a marketing based keyword approach.


Run source code of web pages through a compatibility checker looking for code errors and html declaration issues.


Link to Google analytics account. Set up reports, goals and funnels. Study trends and in-page analysis.

Google Tools

An account is created and tied to analytics and ensure Google is properly indexing and not encountering errors.

XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a sitemap for google crawl and outlines page count, importance, and change frequency.


Ensure Google indexes a single URL. We force the www page address to naturalize URL.


Many files in a website are not displayed pages. A robots file is used it disallow unused content.

Local SEO

Create a local presence with a rich listing in Google Business, formerly Places and Google+.

Social Media

Social engagement is at the core of social media strategy. Tweets and likes are considered a legitimate metric.