SEO Strategy

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Competition Analysis

We study what the competition is doing. We study the target market and how competitors reach it. We develop as much information as we can about the audience and how it is targeted by your industry's top competitors.

Headline Issues in Wordpress and 3rd Party Websites

Web pages are stories. If you can't control your webpage headlines you have a BIG problem. Almost all wordpress sites have this BIG problem. Important SEO elements like h1 headlines are often designed to be automated in Wordpress themes and 3rd party Web Builders like Squarespace and WIX. Can you imagine if the Boston Globe or the Chicago Sun Times could not control the Headlines of their stories. As the saying goes: 'Headlines Sell Newspapers'. Search engines use h1 headlines to better understand the focus or slant of webpage content. They may be far more important online. Wordpress h1 problems can be fixed.

Compromised Themes

Business websites must compete and rank high in search. This can impossible if you have a compromised webpage theme. Poor website architecture delivers a weakened theme if important elements affecting SEO are missing or automated. Maybe SEO was never considered. Business website architecture must be specialized (like a race car) and begins by assuring independent control of elements within the structure. Nothing can be automated. Unfortunately most ordinary websites do not have this independent design. You may need a specialized (non-ordinary) website to compete in your market. Everett Communications can review your design.

Content Relationships

The headline and page title form the theme. They are backdrop through which the content is streamed and interpreted. The SEO strategy is to cleverly write these parts of the website to create a (non-spammy) theme. The content rewrites will appear more relevant because they're surrounded by a good theme. The optimization process is to design the theme to amplify the content. Everett Communication excels in this area is one of the best SEO companies in Boston with SEO theme expertise.

Unique Sameness

Google has a picture of what the ideal website should look like. Stay on point when writing content. You can be unique and creative, but not different. The best design is one where your potential customers have ALREADY reacted positively. Therefore the website should look similar in theme and topic to YOUR top competitors - those who NOW hold the search rankings you want. You must write unique original content. In summary, if your website is designed with proper architecture and unique useful content, it will have all the ingredients it needs to stand out in search and succeed online.