SEO Design Strategies

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Implement SEO Strategy

We employ an SEO strategy analogous to preparing for a debate.

We study what the competition is doing. We study the target market and how competitors reach it. We develop as much information as we can about the audience and how it is targeted by your industry's top competitors.

Embed SEO Elements in Design Structure

SEO can be like a debate taking place in front of Google. Essentially we're framing an argument through the structure and content of our website. We argue that it is THE most relevant and it deserves top search rankings. To create that relevancy we assure that ALL of the design elements important in SEO are properly built into the design. So often we see important SEO elements like headlines tied to something we can not effect.

The Theme is Otherwise Compromised

Poor website architecture brings a weakened theme to Google because important elements affecting SEO are missing. It's likely SEO was never considered. The method of using keywords, related words and synonyms to build a strong web theme is not common knowledge. It is highly specialized and begins by assuring SEO elements are designed to be independent within the structure. Allow Everett Communications to design your next website and be more competitive online!

Create The SEO Filter

The SEO strategy is to emphasize certain parts of the website and create a theme. I believe the theme is actually treated like a filter; the filter becomes the backdrop through which the content is streamed and interpreted. Words can have different meanings - so a context must be formed. I call this the SEO Filter.

Unique Sameness Strategy

The website should look similar in theme and topic to other top competitors holding rankings you want to emulate. It must be unique with unique original content. The website is designed with a sameness quality; however it is in the 'unique sameness' that allows it to stand out and get ranked.