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Business websites should be conducting business. If you want your website to effectively market your company, seek out an experienced SEO professional. If you can't find yourself in a Google search, then it's safe to assume no one else can either. Contact an experienced Boston MA SEO company like Everett Communications.

We first ask 2 basic SEO Questions:

1. How big is the effort to compete in this market?
2. How does your website stand up to successful competitors?

Optimization Process

We conduct analysis. We start by researching the market and studying competitors in an effort to uncover the most lucrative keywords. At the heart of our SEO problem solving are top notch software programs that provide a wide variety of metrics and reports. We then perform a comprehensive analysis of your website and its relationship to your competition.

The process of on-page optimization is first assuring key words or phrases are mentioned somewhere within the website content. Our implementation methods are effective because they are based upon good analysis as well as years of problem solving.

Google Guidelines and SEO

A website has two simultaneous MARKETING jobs to perform. It has to appear compelling to visitors and drive them into action. Google also forms an impression of your website based on it's guidelines. That impression will determine where the site ranks in a Google search. SEO is important because search engines are the starting point for most internet users. So before any 'user experience' can take place a user must first find you.

We used to effect SEO by primarily editing headlines, titles and content. Today SEO is more complex. The impression Google forms of your website is based on content quality and is assessed by measuring the websites overall expertise, authority and trust - also known as the EAT variable.

SEO companies should know these two concepts must be built into one design structure. This is why architecture of the entire website is important. We can guide the process by simply laying the groundwork to build your website SEO program. Guiding the website build process will result in a forever strengthened SEO program if the design structure is properly developed in the beginning.

SEO Issues

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Not consulting with an SEO professional can be a big mistake if the website is to be used for marketing and business. Many web companies have very limited SEO experience as we frequently find missing elements within the design structure. Often these are the very elements that hold the highest levels of SEO importance. SEO is a marketing expertise that takes years to develop.

Perhaps you went with a cookie cutter website from a 3rd party. These 3rd party wysiwyg websites lack key SEO elements. They never rank in search engines because of their structure.

Most of the time we are able to build missing elements into an existing website structure and properly effect SEO in stand alone websites. Still, there are some cases where we can not. This leaves only two options; a less than desirable workaround, or a completely new website design on a different platform. It is a smart business move to use an SEO marketing company at the onset to guide the process of developing a business or marketing based website.

EXAMPLE: Themeforest and Visual Composer

We love wordpress. A few years ago we found a great Wordpress template company called Themeforest. We'd buy pre-designed templates and then further customize by developing code and layout. Sadly these templates have become NOT usable because they are packed with 30+ pages of background code from a builder called Visual Composer. We can't remove it! Visual Composer makes the websites so slow to load they are susceptible to Google SEO penalties and user impatience. No one will wait that long for a page to load. A real business disadvantage. All of these 3rd party builders are bad for business because they virtually place a moat in the Google crawl. They have to crawl through all that crap just to FIND few lines of content. In competitive environments these are the very details that add up to REALLY hurt your online business.

Walmart found conversions drop DRAMATICALLY by every second visitors must wait.

Investment in Website SEO

A recent study of e-marketers has revealed that if SEO is done right, it provides the highest conversion rate of all internet marketing strategies. We improve these results by coupling top rankings with good UX; User Experience based conversion. Good conversion optimization is done by building a sales strategy within the design that is similar to a landing page. An effective landing page may be one that simply answers questions in an effort to walk the visitor down a sales path and close the deal. Everett Communications has many years of user experience (UX) and SEO experience.

Make YOUR Website Visible to YOUR Clients.