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Effective SEO Company

Business websites should be conducting business. If you want your website to effectively market your company, seek out an experienced SEO professional.

Everett Communications understands the latest techniques and will implement changes to your website content and link structure. If you can't find yourself in a Google search, then it's safe to assume no one else can either. Call us for a free consultation.

Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis Provide Immediate Insight

On-Page Optimization Services

We start by researching your market, studying the competition and uncovering the most lucrative keywords, culminanting with implementation of on-page optimization techniques that are effective, well tested and derived from years of problem solving. We perform a very comprehensive SEO analysis of your website and its relationship to your competition and industry and develop an SEO Marketing Plan that will bring you online success.

SEO Combines Internet Marketing Strategies

A website has two simultaneous jobs to perform. It has to appear compelling to both Google's algorithm and the visitor. Headlines obtain strong rankings. We start with the main headline as a design and structural element. It is said that headlines sell products - and can even close the deal. The fact that headlines are very sensitive and important to Google. Two very different concepts must be built into that one design structure. This complex sensitivity is why architecture of the entire website is so important. Hire an SEO consultant to guide the process and you will have laid the best groundwork from which you can build your website SEO program. Failing to hire an SEO consultant to guide the website build process will result in a forever weakened SEO program if the design structure is not properly developed in the beginning.

SEO Mistakes

SEO is a marketing expertise that takes years to develop. Web designer's do not consider SEO because they lack that expertise. Not consulting with an SEO professional can be a big mistake if the website is to be used for marketing and business. Many NEW SEO companies have very limited SEO experience. We have seen web development companies claim to be SEO experts only to find missing elements within the design structure; some of which hold the highest levels of SEO importance. We have seen this many times! You assume SEO was already done and it 'did not work'!

Perhaps you went with a cookie cutter website from a 3rd party. These 3rd party wysiwyg websites lack key SEO elements. They never rank in search engines because of their structure.

Most of the time we are able to build missing elements into an existing website structures and properly effect SEO in stand alone websites. Still, there are some cases where we can not. This leaves only two options; a less than desirable workaround, or a completely new website design on a different platform. It is a smart business move to use an SEO marketing company at the onset to guide the process of developing a business or marketing based website.

SEO Investment

A recent study of e-marketers has revealed that if SEO is done right, it provides the highest conversion rate of all internet marketing strategies. We improve these results by coupling top rankings with good CRO; conversion rate optimization. Good conversion optimization is done by building a sales strategy within the design that is similar to a landing page. An effective landing page is designed into the website that may, in one case, simply answer questions. As a result it can drive response and close the deal. Everett Communications has many years of conversion optimization (CRO) and SEO experience. Call us today and we can talk about your website needs in plain English.

You have made an investment in your website. Now invest in SEO?