Web Design with SEO

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Web Design and Marketing

Are you looking for a website agency that couples marketing with design? Everett Communications develops business website designs that compete and succeed online. We compare your current website effort with successful competitors to determine what they are doing right and what you can do better.

Non-Ordinary Websites

We do not build ordinary websites; we build specialized website structures to COMPETE in competitive online markets. Business websites are built differently than ordinary websites, having additional elements built into the design to take on and build context.

Racetrack Analogy

SEO guru Bruce Clay describes the comparison of ordinary websites using a race car analogy on a racetrack. YOU can not compete in an ordinary Ford Escort on a racetrack. The racetrack environment is a useful analogy because the issue is quite common. If there is money to be made, then you're likely competing on a racetrack. Competitive websites require strong architecture.

Developing Headlines

It has been said that headlines sell newspapers, but today headlines drive sales and can improve Google rankings. Since you only have 3-5 seconds to make your case to new visitors it becomes important for the visitor to quickly get the feeling that you have what they are looking for. So STAND in your customers shoes - get inside their head! Develop headlines that clearly resonate with what your people are looking for. Headlines and images can quickly draw eyes and carry a message to drive response and close the deal. Search engines, especially Google use headlines to interpret context of a pages content. Sometimes headlines can actually focus and amplify content. We build page headlines using a mix of keywords and synonyms so that search engines better index the page.

Developing Content

We can help your content with rewrites as well as assist with blogging and new content creation using professional writers and journalists.

Websites with SEO

We can build a better website with a professional layout and visuals. Our design will vastly improve SEO. Our team of SEO professionals deliver a web design with the potential to become a top ranked online business. Our designs rank higher in search - even (PPC) pay per click Ads can cost much less.

Responsive Design

Our designs also look great in mobile. More than half of all people are searching from a mobile device. Looking great in mobile can vastly improve website marketing and Google rankings. Google sometimes uses mobile versions in determining desktop rankings. Our platform of choice is Wordpress because it is reponsive and contains a powerful blog that highlights updated content.