SEO for PPC Campaigns

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SEO Lowers CPC Costs

Your cost per click is based entirely on how well matched your ad is to the landing page theme; in terms of keyword structure, theme and hierarchy. This is pure SEO. There are many reasons to employ a PPC campaign. Among those are new websites, product branding, SEO keyword testing, lead creation and product sales. We can manage and optimize your PPC campaign by setting up your account, building in analytics, and creating reports. PPC strategies should be implemented only after natural SEO has been accomplished.

OUR PPC Campaigns are designed with expertise by an SEO professional

Those who conduct an online marketing campaign with no experience are likely to initially overspend. Involving an experienced SEO consultant can actually save significant monies. Campaigns must be conducted with focus and expertise. There are several options that we can implement to help make your campaign a success. Your ads will be targeted, compelling with an increased click through rate.

Organic SEO Reduces CPC

Again - your cost per click is based entirely on how well matched your ad is to the landing page theme and keyword structure.

PPC Optimization Procedure

First we rebuild and optimize the PPC landing pages to match the ad with a high degree of keyword relevance. Then we rewrite your ad text to lower your cost per click and increase quality score. Ads must have a high "Q", or quality factor in order to avoid a high cost per click. Ads that are written without this knowledge will cost more. CPC optimization procedure is actually the combination of these two tasks and could cut CPC costs in half; up to 50%.

Paid Ad Copy Writing - Adwords Yahoo and Bing

Google™ wants your ad to be well targeted and compelling. A poorly targeted ad is the single biggest reason people overspend. This is why proper keyword research and farming must be accomplished. In addition to targeting, the ad must be well written to match the website theme. This is an often overlooked PPC component as it requires an SEO expertise that is lacking with the typical PPC Agency. Google™ and Yahoo™ will make plenty of money without you making a dime; that is if you do not convert clicks into sales or leads.

Perhaps Mobile PPC Advertising will work best for your business!