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Local Search Engine Optimization

SEO for Google is the your Most Important marketing task because Google is the most effective overall medium for lead generation. Often times the most basic SEO techniques make dramatic increases in rankings; usually for a very small investment.

What is Your SEO Budget?

Most consumers are online and using Google to search! If you can not find yourself in a keyword search in Google Yahoo or Bing, you can assume no one else can either. And you can assume you are losing money! If your business depends on the internet, you must be listed at the top to be successful. Very few websites can be listed at the top of search results without SEO. Competing for business online? We can help you make more money! Everett Communications will provide free analysis of your market. Call us!

Benefits of Google Rankings

Chances are you have made some investment in your website. Don't you want a return on that investment? How much have you invested in SEO? Unless some grand form of marketing is promoting your website such as the Today Show, CBS News, etc, contact an SEO consultant.

All business websites can be found in Google with SEO help!