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Experienced SEO

Search engine optimization can be viewed as both art and science. The art is developing a strong theme of useful content using keywords and synonyms.

The science is in both the metrics and design. SEO can be improved by redeveloping the architecture. Some design elements strengthen the website theme.

Everett Communications is a skilled SEO company with over 20 years of Internet Marketing experience. Our expert SEO will help your website succeed.

Web Design

Your website is the face of your company and it should look good with a mobile optimized layout and a clear message that resonates with prospects.

Perhaps it's time to develop your next website with SEO by a company who knows how to combine great design with expert search engine optimization.

Your website must close the deal. We build your Salesman into the website design using the proper combination of imagery, headlines and content.

SEO Optimized Writing

Content development is the most important website task for SEO. Original content is produced from a copywriting team of professional journalists & copywriters.

Optimized content is the primary factor driving our exceptional SEO. Google's search engine algorithm has moved beyond keywords and is strengthened by content.

We have performed SEO since 1995 and delivered top ranking SEO results to an international client list that spans nationally from Boston to Europe.

Website Design and SEO

What makes us different from the classic web designer? We develop the proper layout of the site architecture. Our website build will assure you have a strong SEO platform that delivers a strong theme. A good layout includes essential elements necessary in competitve business environments. This concept is almost never considered by web developers. SEO structure is crucial in competitive business landscapes. We build websites with SEO and room to grow.

Internet marketing starts with a solid website structure; one that delivers a strong theme using optimized content. If you use your website to generate business and make money, it's likely you'll have competitors. To compete you must set yourself apart from the average website. Our website designs have the SEO to stand out in search engines and a compelling thoughtful layout that motivates visitors. Everett Communications will deliver a responsive website that's visible, engaging, and mobile ready. So be as strong as you can be and call us before you go and design a weak web structure. It's like calling an architect after the building is built.

Internet Marketing Company with 20 years Experience

Everett Communications founder Kevin Kestyn began developing websites and performing SEO in September 1995 as marketing director for Channel 1 in Harvard Square. We are very experienced developers and marketing analysts. When we began the search engine of the day was Webcrawler; the most widely used search engine at that time. Alta Vista and Yahoo were also very popular. And then came Lycos, Hotbot, Excite, and the list goes on. But after Google came along in 1999, it quickly became the household term synonymous for searching the internet. As a result most other search engines today are either insignificant or gone.

SEO for Google Algorithm

Google has released it's Google Search Quality Guidelines (NOV 2015), previously proprietary and confidential. We now have validation that SEO is all about the content. The guidelines never mention links. They are concerned with helpful content. It's considered helpful content if it meets peoples needs. Google can measure the helpfulness of your content with something as simple as a click trail.

SEO Consultant

We are experienced SEO consultants. Experience is key in hiring a competent SEO firm. SEO expertise is cumulative and it really takes years for someone to be good at it. We are very good. We are SEO experts because we've performed SEO for over 30,000 hours throughout our 20 year period of website development. After so much time and effort we've become an SEO company that can analyze and correct almost any marketing weakness within a website. We are among the most experienced search engine optimization companies in Boston. Let us show you how we can improve your website marketing and lead generation.

Call Everett Communications to discuss your website. You'll talk directly to a senior level SEO Consultant who will conduct analysis and discuss the findings in plain simple English. Call for a free consultation.