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Search Engine Optimization Goals

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Search engine optimization can be viewed as both art and science. The art is developing a strong theme using keywords, related words and synonyms.

The science lies in the design. SEO can be improved by redeveloping the SEO architecture. We can change design elements and strengthen the website theme!

Everett Communications is a knowledgeable Boston SEO company; skilled in website analysis and assessing the strengths and weakness within your website.

improving website design

Web Design with SEO

Your website is the face of your company and it should look good with a mobile optimized layout and a clear message that resonates with prospects.

Perhaps it's time to develop your next website design with SEO by a company who knows how to combine great design with expert search engine optimization.

Visualize your website as its own virtual company with layout and design as the sales force. A compelling website that looks great in MOBILE is your best salesman.

SEO consultantation

Boston SEO Copywriters

Content development is the most important website task for SEO. Original content is produced from a copywriting team of professional journalists & copywriters.

Optimized content is the primary factor driving our exceptional SEO. Google's search engine algorithm has moved beyond keywords and is strengthened by content.

We have performed SEO since 1995 and delivered exceptional search engine optimization results to a client list that spans from Boston to California w/ quality content.

Website Design with Expert SEO

We build websites with SEO. Our website build will assure you start off right by developing the proper layout of the architecture and including essential elements necessary in competitve business environments. Internet marketing starts with a solid website structure; one that delivers a strong theme using optimized content. If you use your website to generate business and make money, then you will likely have competitors! So be as strong as you can be! Set yourself apart from the average website. Our website designs stand out in search engines with a compelling thoughtful layout that motivates visitors. Everett Communications will deliver a responsive website that's visible, engaging, and mobile ready!

Internet Marketing Company with 20 years Experience

We began developing websites in September 1995. Webcrawler was the most widely used search engine at that time. Alta Vista and Yahoo would next become very popular. And then came Lycos, Hotbot, Excite, and the list goes on. Google was founded in 1999 and quickly became a household term synonymous with searching the internet. As a result most others are now long gone.

Google Algorithm

No one used to know exactly how the Google algorithm worked. Now we know a lot more about it because of the newly released Google Search Quality Guidelines, previously proprietary and confidential. We now know that SEO is all about the content. The helpfulness of your content is a metric that Google can measure, and it's plays a big part in the Google algorithm by adding to your experise and reputation. The google algorithm is the mechanism that attempts to deliver unique search results. Qualified SEO companies understand how the algorithm works and experts have learned it's subtleties by closely monitoring and analysing the effects of measured SEO edits.

Google Releases Search Quality Guidelines

Google released its search quality guidelines at the end of 2015. This is huge in the SEO industry. We always knew that content was important. A majority of the guidelines. Now we know that main content is everything - and should be the reason the page exists. Important factors that make up page quality include the presence of main content (MC), supplementary content (SC) and contact information. Page content must display time, effort and expertise. Other acronyms such as EAT and YMYL show how Google interprets reputation and expertise. EAT is acquired through content that demonstrates expertise and the website is rewarded similar to earning a job promotion. It climbs a ladder of expertise with additional unique page quality.

Boston SEO Consultant

We are experienced SEO consultants. Experience is key in hiring a competent SEO firm. SEO expertise is cumulative and it really takes years for someone to be good at it. We are very good. We are SEO experts because of our Internet marketing experience - having performed SEO over 30,000 hours throughout our 20 year period of website development. After so much time and effort we've become an SEO company that can accurately analyse and correct almost any marketing weakness within a website. As one of the most experienced search engine optimization companies in Boston we can improve your website marketing and lead generation.

Call Everett Communications to discuss your website. You'll talk directly to a senior level SEO Consultant who will conduct analysis and discuss the findings in plain simple English. Call for a free consultation.